Show Date: Venu: City: Time: Other Bands:
Nov 4th Redrum Austin, TX 10:30pm Exit The Sun (cd release), Dryline, Firekills, ATA, Good in the Sack (last show), New Automatic, Driver Friendly, Capt. Brigndown & the Buzzkillers!
Sep 23rd Backroom Austin,TX 9:00pm Michale Graves!!! formerly of the Misfits!!
Sep 14th Emos Austin, TX 11:00pm 101X Homegrown show / Weezer Foo Fighters afterparty show w/ consider the source & this side up.
Aug 30th Redrum Austin, TX 7:00pm Big Road Show w/ Shots Fired(members of Reggie & the Full Effect), The Fall of Troy (Equal Vision Records), The Letters Organize (Nitro Records) & America is Waiting
Aug 13th Redrum Austin, TX 9:00pm SeaFlea, From Heaven W/ A Gun (Pittsburgh, PA), Lexis Jumps + TBA
July 31st Redrum Austin, TX 8:30pm

Air Tight Alibi CD RELEASE PARTY & Benefit for Rob Taylor of Natchet Taylor w/ Born To Lose, Riddlin Kids, Rubberhed (reunion), ATA (8:30pm), The Bricks, Bitter Tongues, Original Glitch, The Banner Year. Show starts at 5pm!

Free CDs to anyone who comes out to support our bro ROB!

July 16th TxSkiRanch New Braunfels 8:20pm Pro WakeBoard & SkateBoard Competition at the Tx Ski Ranch on I-35 in New Braunfels, 3 bands and alot of x-games action. ATA headlines at 8:20pm!
June 27th Redrum Austin, TX 10:30pm Early show w/ Slow Coming Day (tooth & nail records), Lux Courageous (Triple Crown) & Elseworth, ATA plays at 10:30
May 25th Emos Austin, TX 5:00pm Early show w/ Death By Stereo, At All Cost !! ATA plays at 5:30pm sharp!
May 14th RedRum Austin, TX 9:00pm Capt. Bringdown CD Release, Natchet Taylor
April 21st Red Eyed Fly Austin, TX 9:00pm Born To Lose, Far From Finished, The Prickies
April 8th RedRum Austin, TX 9:00pm Leaving July cd release show/ Near Miss
March 19th RedRum SXSW 12pm day show Austin Punk Rock SXSW Showcase!!!
March 18th Treasure Island SXSW 9:00pm SXSW Heart of TX quadruple bypass fest!!
March 16th Red Eyed Fly SXSW 3:00pm Pluto Records SXSW Showcase!!
March 12th RedRum Austin, TX 9:00pm Riddlin Kids!
March 2nd Backroom Austin, TX 9:00pm 101X Homegrown also Dynamite Boy's 2nd to Last Show!
Feb 24th Backroom Austin, TX 9:00pm Born To Lose tour kickoff show w/ the Prickies and Head Panic
Feb 12th Emos Austin, TX 7:00pm EARLY SHOW we headline probably around 7 or 8pm w/ Games & Theory, Secular End and Set Aflame
Jan 29th R2's Humble, TX 9:00pm Since the Ashes, the Y Equals + many more!
Dec 19th Backroom Austin, TX   FireKills, Thumbscrew, This Escape, Oceanus, The Y Equals, The Noetic + Free Comp CD for 1st 200 people!
Dec 10th Redrum Austin, TX 9:00pm Fire Kills, A Dozen Furies (mtv's battle for ozzfest)
Dec 5th Page House Georgetown TBA Consider the Source, Near Miss, Same Day Service + TBA
Nov 19th Emos Austin TX 6:00pm FireKills, The Kirby, Forever is Nothing
Nov 12th the Lounge San Antonio 9:00pm Tattooed Boy Clothing Birthday Bash w/ Natchet Taylor
Nov 6th Girls & Boys Club Fredricksburg 9:00pm The Poetic + TBA
Nov 5th Redrum Austin TX 9:00pm Rubberhed CD Release! Free CD's w / cover charge plusGood in the Sack
Oct 30th Redrum Austin TX 9:00pm Halloween show we play as the Misfits!
Oct 22nd Red Eyed Fly Austin TX 8:00pm Riddlin Kids CD Release, Rubberhed, Born To Lose
Oct 14th Backroom Austin TX 9:00pm From Heaven With A Gun (Pittsburg PA metalcore) + TBA
Oct 2nd Redrum Austin TX 9:00pm Mike Truth B-Day show, consider the source, dryline, malcontent party, screaming at the sky. ATA plays at 10:30pm
Sep 1st Redrum Austin TX 8:00pm

Mr. Lewis & the Funeral 5, Capt. Bringdown & the Buzzkillers, Red Pill Scene

Aug 21st Redrum Austin TX TBA Fire Kills, Capt Bringdown & the Buzzkillers (cd release $1cd)
Aug 14th Red Eyed Fly Austin TX 9 Born to Lose CD Release! w/ Natchet Taylor + G.I.T.S.
Aug 1st The Hole Clovis, NM  9:30pm Flattbush + TBA
July 31st The Starlight Ft. Collins Co 2pm The Varments, Try Failing
July 30th Buffalo Rose Golden, CO 12 mid One from None, This Side Up
July 29th Drive In Theater Driggs, ID 4 PM Hier Arm + TBA at the Spud Drive In early show starts 4PM
July 28th TBA Las Vegas, NV  TBA TBA
July 27th TBA Huntington Beach CA  TBA TBA
July 26th  The Loft Ventura, CA 7 PM miracle mile, total resistance, more to pride, in your face
July 25th California club San Diego, CA TBA Watch it Burn + TBA
July 24th Chasers Phoenix, AZ TBA Elyasin, and the hero fails
July 17th Redrum Austin TX TBA Tour Kickoff w/ Good in the Sack + TBA
July 9th Emos   TBA Those Peabodys, Vise Versa, The Black
July 4th The Backroom   TBA TBA
June 27th Verizon Wireless San Antonio TBA Vans Warped Tour 2004 w/ everyone who matters in PUNK + Rubberhed, Air Tight Alibi, FireKills on the Ernie Ball Stage
June 26th The Communion San Antonio TBA Rubberhed, FireKills, Natchet Taylors pre Warped Tour Kickoff
June 25th Underground, Corpus Christi TBA 10 Band emo fest feat. Rubberhed, Dead Letter Room + TBA
June 24th Backroom   early show CD Release! vol 2 w/ Rubberhed, Fire Kills, + TBA
June 19th Mulligans Corpus Christi 10pm Coexist, 42MD
June 10th Communion San Antonio TBA Natchet Taylor, + TBA
June 7th Flamingo Cantina   9pm Dynamite Boy, Audio Karate(kung fu records) , Denver Harbor (ex-fenix tx), Good in the Sack , Stookey
June 2nd Red Eyed Fly   9pm We headline the 101 X homegrown. $1 w/ Natchet Taylor !
May 22nd Red Eyed Fly   12am Seaflea, TBA, Preserve the Sound
April 23rd Backroom   9pm Riddlin Kids, Rubberhed
April 17th Hustlers, Killeen TX   TBA Short Fuse + TBA
March 27th Java Jazz Spring TX   TBA New Action Heros + TBA
March 18th Chuggin' Monkey   11 pm SXSW Showcase FREE SHOW
March 17th Bigsbys   2:30 pm Friends of Lizzy Household Names Carbon 12 Theory
March 13th Underground Corpus Christi TX TBA Dead Letter Room
March 5th Backroom   8:30pm Fire Kills CD release, Rubberhed, a still second
Feb 20th Backroom   11pm Acoustic Show , a Benefit for
Jan 18th Backroom   9pm Cruiserweight Benefit show, manatee, a still second
Jan 10th Backroom   9pm we Headline w/ Fire Kills, Racketbox, + TBA
Jan 1st Emos   9pm Emos FREE Week! A Still Second, We Talked About Murder, and Corruption is King
Dec 13th Backroom   12 am Rites Arise, XRatedPresents, Shady Angels, Down Force
Dec 03rd Red Eyed Fly   10:30pm Free Show !! w/ FireKills, Good In The Sack, and 24/7
Nov 19th Backroom   9pm 101x w/ finger 11, natchet taylor
Oct 31st Red Eyed Fly   9pm APR Benefit halloween show, ATA as the Misfits, Black Star Brigade as the Clash, + TBA
Oct 25th Red Eyed Fly   9pm Rubberhed, + TBA
Oct 3rd Texas Mist   9pm Born To Lose, Watch it Burn, Monroe
Sep 30th Lyndons in San Marcos   8pm FireKills, Rubberhed
Sep 28th 7th street AMN Stage   10 am PecanStreet Fest AMN stage w/ Firekills, GoodintheSack
Sep 18th Emos   9pm BGGW Rollergirl show w/ HeKill3, Born to Lose, Racketbox
Sep 13th Backroom   TBA Air Tight Alibi CD Release PARTY!! w/ Born To Lose, FireKills, A Still Second, and Copious
************** ****Older Shows *** *With National Bands ************
June 21st Emos early show   6 pm Brandston, Park, +TBA
may 20th the Flamingo   9 pm SIXER! (ex AnnBarretta) + Born to Lose
may 30th Backroom   9pm CD Release! Born to Lose, Near Miss,
may 6th Steamboat   TBA a benefit show w/ Goudie, Derailers, George Devore
march 12th Backroom   TBA SXSW Showcase w/ Rubberhed, Near Miss, Born to lose, Manatee
feb 3rd Emos   10pm Near Miss
jan 29th flamingo cantina   10pm Plain White T's, Don't look down, Amazing Transparent Man
oct 28th Emo's   10pm the Huntingtons, Side Walk Slam (both on Tooth and Nail Records)
oct 18th Backroom   9pm FACE TO FACE !!!! ( tix @ star tix and the backroom)
june 30th
Verizon Wireless SanAntonio   Vans Warped Tour w/ everybody that MATTERS in punk rock
june 29th
Strutters SanAntonio TBA the Line, Red Reverse, Born to Lose (warpedtour preshow
june 27th Flamingo Cantina   10pm Sloppy Meateaters, the Classified, Second Class