We've got 2 kick ass shows coming up. The first is on Sat Aug 13th at the Redrum w/ SeaFlea, From Heaven With A Gun (a kickass metalcore band from Pittsburg), Engraved, Lexis Jumps (a jazzcore band with a female lead singer) & Start West. The second show is on Tues Aug 30th also at the Redrum w/ Shots Fired(feat members of Reggie & The Full Effect!), The Fall of Troy (Equal Vision Records), The Letters Organize (Nitro Records) & Austins own America is Waiting.

Air Tight Alibi CD RELEASE PARTY & Benefit for Rob Taylor of Natchet Taylor on Sun. July 31st at the new Redrum w/ Born To Lose, Riddlin Kids, Rubberhed (reunion), ATA (8:30pm), The Bricks, Bitter Tongues, Original Glitch, The Banner Year. Show starts at 5pm!

Everyone who comes out to support our bro Rob will recieve a FREE copy of our new full length cd From My Cold Dead Hands.

Hopefully everyone is enjoying their summer thus far. If your going to the Warped Tour this year be sure to check out our bros in FireKills (as they'll be doing the whole west coast leg of the tour). Also be on the lookout for a re-release of ATA's "it will consume you" ep (remastered w/ videos and bonus materials) coming out soon on Dirty Fiction Records! check out www.ThisIsDirtyFiction.com for more info on this release and the new Natchet Taylor full length "Barley Legal" out in Aug on Dirty Fiction Records!

Also speaking of Natchet Taylor, our bro Rob (their drummer) and his girl Jess were hit by a drunk driver while walking to their car last Friday night. Please send your love out to the guys and girls in the Natchet Taylor crew during this time of hardship. (not only did that blow their spot on the Warped Tour this year, it also cut out their west coast touring plans) Right now plans are being made for a Benefit Show to help Rob pay for his medical expenses, so keep your ears open for more details about that show and how you can help out. http://www.natchettaylor.com/ has a paypal button set up on their highspeed site where you can donate your dollars to help out a friend in need.

Thanks to those that made it out to our show with Natchet Taylor and Capt Birngdown. We've got the big Death By Stereo / At All Cost show coming up in 2 weeks Wed May 25th at 5:30pm at Emos!!!! We play first so if your going be sure to get there by 5:30 so you can watch the Alibi.

Thanks to everyone that came out to our Misfits show. Also big news, Air Tight Alibi proudly welcomes Establishment Clothing to our family of sponsors. Check out Establishment-Clothing.com to see some of their new clothing line.

SXSW was a great time. We played 3 shows and I reported on the event for Absolutepunk.net The Pluto Records showcase was amazing (big thanks to Brian & Adina from Pluto for letting us play).

We've got a new website!!! We've also got some new shows lined up for you. March 2nd will be a 101X homegrown w/ Dynamite Boy (its their 2nd to last show, so please come out and help us give a proper 101X send off to one of Austins greatest pop punk bands!) We've also got a show coming up with Austin favorites the Riddlin Kids on March 12th at the Redrum.

Big thanks to Jen Gallo who hooked us up with an awesome photo shoot last week, which is where the new intro page photo came from! We've got some new shows coming up so check the shows page for more info.

We're currently working on booking our April tour! But we are playing a few local shows in the meantime. The first one is on Feb 12th with our friends in Games & Theory and Secular End, We're also getting a chance to play Dynamite Boy's 2nd to last show. its a 101X Homegrown show at the Backroom on Wed March 2nd. Also we'll be playing as much as possible during the upcoming SXSW music fest here in Austin. Our first confirmed showcase will be at Treasure Island on 6th street, as part of the Heart of Tx quadruple bypass festival.

We've finished our new cd. It was produced by Air Tight Alibi and Tim Gerron at the Music Lab St. Elmo, and was mastered by Alan Douches (Thrice, Alkaline Trio) at West West Side Music in NJ. We've also put up 2 songs from this upcoming release on our Purevolume.com and Myspace.com sites, so be sure to check those out!

We've got a couple of new shows coming up. One is a benefit at the Page House in Georgetown TX with seven other bands including Same Day Service and Near Miss. Also on Dec 10th we'll be playing at the Redrum with our bros Firekills. Also we've got a Killer SHOW coming up on Dec 19th with many other great MetalCore bands. and the 1st 200 people to show up will get a free December To Remember Comp cd with 2 tracks from each band on the bill. + 2 brand new ATA songs!!!

A few new shows have been added like the Riddlin Kids and Rubberhed CD Release Shows!! We'll be helping our friends release their discs in style while working on our own new full length cd. also don't forget that we're about to play our first show in a month! Oct 2nd at the Redrum, and its Mike Truths B-Day so you better all make it out! Then we'll be playing with the badass PA metalcore machine From Heaven With A Gun at the Backroom on Oct 14th. Then we head into the studio on Oct 16th to record a new full length cd!

Lots of news: first off we're about to play our first show in a month! Oct 2nd at the Redrum, and its Mike Truths B-Day so you better all make it out! Then we'll be playing with the badass PA metalcore machine From Heaven With A Gun at the Backroom on Oct 14th. Then we head into the studio on Oct 16th to record a new full length cd!

The Born To Lose CD release party at the Red Eyed Fly and our show with FireKills at the Redrum went great! We've been pushing Jagermeister at our shows because of a recent Semi-Sponsership with them and all you badass fans have helped us more than double the Jager sales at both of these shows. Our next show is on Sept. 1st at the Redrum here in Austin TX. We hope to see everyone out there!

The Tour was a blast, please check out the new tour diary section of the site for all the tour info. Our next show will be Born To Lose"s cd release party on Aug 14th at the Red Eyed Fly. Be there!

It's almost time for the tour, and boy are we excited. We hope to see you all at our offical tour kickoff show this Sat night July 17 at the Redrum (above coyote ugly on 6th) we'll be playing with Good in the Sack and 2 other great bands. We also have 9 thats right 9 new button designs for you guys to buy, we'll be selling those for cheap there at the show.

Big thanks to everyone who came out to the APR cd release, the Pre warped party in San Antonio, or the Vans warped tour! We had a great time playing all of these shows and the Hell's Rats represented strong last weekend! Here are my top ten moments from the 2004 Vans warped tour weekend.

1. a flash flood in the pre show early morning and our own stupidity caused Brady and I to have soaking wet shoes and socks for the whole day.
2. the rain stopping and the sun coming out.
3. a bunch of kids I've never seen before rocking out in the front during our set like we were their favorite band (thanks kids)
4. our friend Jason from affordable sound actually having a long line in front of him waiting for ATA demo cds and stickers.
5. Adam puking after the set, and then later us watching some trendy pop punk kids sitting in that very same puke.
6. underoath's amazing set! all you could see was blurs of long hair and flying guitar necks.
7. sharing a lonestar with flogging molly
8. having a 3 day ROCK FIGHT w/ Firekills and Rubberhed, which I think ended in a 3 way tie w/ Rubberhed taking the apr show, Air Tight Alibi taking the pre-warped, and FireKills taking the warped tour.
9. cat trashing our hotel room with buttermilk ranch.
10. the Hells Rats taking over the Howard Johnson.

Next thursday night is the Austin Punk Rock Comp 2 CD Release Party!!!, the lineup is kick ass and the show starts early at 7:30pm. That night we'll be raffeling off one of our crew passes to this years Vans Warped Tour in San Antonio TX. $1 per entry could win you a band pass to the warped and a copy of our cd! You must be present at the APR show to win. Good luck to everyone!!!!

Also the new video for letting go for the last time is up in the media section!

Many of you may have noticed all of the Rockett Clothing banners on the website, Air Tight Alibi is now sponsered by the badass Rockett Clothing Company out of San Bernadino, CA. check out www.ridetherockett.com to get your own!

Air Tight Alibi will be playing next week at the 101 X Homegrown Live Show, Wednesday June 2nd. We'll actually be headlineing this show with our good friends Natchet Taylor and Balistica opening. We've also got a rockin' show lined up for you on the following Monday night June 7th at the Flamingo Cantina, we haven't played there in quite awhile so we decided to comeback in style with Austin's favorite Dynamite Boy along with Audio Karate (kung fu records) and Denver Harbor (ex-Fenix TX ) as well as our old pals in Good in the Sack. this will be an amazing Monday night so be sure to catch this show!

This just in, Air Tight Alibi will once again have the chance to play the Vans Warped Tour this year in San Antonio TX on June 27th. This time we'll get to rock the house with our good friends Rubberhed and Fire Kills! Also, thanks to everyone who came out to our show with the Riddlin Kids, and special thanks for all the new fans who bought all that merch at the show.

Thanks to everyone who came out to our SXSW shows and made them GREAT! The Austin Punk Rock.org
showcase hit capacity while Air Tight Alibi was on stage!

It's almost time for SXSW and we've got two BADASS FREE SHOWS lined up for you. The first one is on wed the 17th at Bigsbys on 6th street, its a showcase for CdFuse.com a local startup internet music store run by non other than sal former bass player of Rubberhed. Its a FREE SHOW + there is FREE FOOD and cheap beer.

The second show is the AUSTIN PUNK ROCK.org Showcase on Thursday the 18th. Its a FREE SHOW + you can pick up FREE APR COMP Cd's. The show starts at 3pm and goes all night! Air Tight Alibi plays at 11PM

Thanks to everyone who made it out to the FireKills cd release party. And if you missed your chance to pick up their new cd for free last night you can still get it at a discounted rate this month so rush out and pick one up now so you wont have to shell out the extra bones in April.

Long time no update, sorry gang but We've been without internet for awhile but i just put up all of our new shows for feb and march!

Merry Christmas to everyone from your friends in Air Tight Alibi, and we hope to see you all at our FREE show on Jan 1st New Years Day (you know your off work so come out and rock with us)

Happy ThanksGiving, its good to be back in Austin. I hope everyone is planning to come out next WED night DEC 3rd @ the RED EYED FLY we will be playing a FREE SHOW (although i have heard rumors that the show will cost $5 for under 21) w/ Fire Kills, Good In The Sack, and Twenty For Seven. we play at 11pm but the show starts at 9pm with the guitar gods that are Twenty For Seven.

Thanks to everyone who came out to our 101X show with Natchet Taylor and major label nu-metal rockers Finger 11. I saw alot of new faces in the crowd last night and i hope to see some of them again.

We've got some new merch for you guys, and we'll have it for Brady's birthday show, which is Oct 25th, at the Red Eyed Fly w/ rubberhed and my hotel year. we have new stickers, buttons and shirts, as well as our new cd for sale! plus we've got a special benefit show for AustinPunkRock.org this Halloween night Oct 31st, at the Red Eyed Fly where we'll be playing as the Misfits so be sure to come out.

the cd release was great, thanks to all who came out to the last few shows. also we've almost sold out of our first run of cds thanks too all you awesome fans!

man have we been busy, we're finally all done with the ep and we've started playing shows again (woohoo) we played with a badass band from salt lake called Day TWo on last tuesday at the TX Mist (a very nice club on the outskirts of town). We've also inked a date for our CD Release party up at the Backroom. its going to be on Sat September 13th with our good friends Born To Lose, Fire Kills, A Still Second, and Copious opening the show!